PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer

PLG Series Continual Plate Dryer

PLG series continual plate dryer is a kind of high efficient conducting and continuous drying equipment, its unique structure and working principle determine that it has advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint,...

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PLG series continual plate dryer is a kind of high efficient conducting and continuous drying equipment, its unique structure and working principle determine that it has advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation and control as well as good operating environment etc.
Now there are three categories, named normal pressure closed and vacuum styles; four size of 1200,1500,2200 and 3000;and three kinds of materials, namely A (carbon steel), B (stainless steel used for those all parts where materials are contacted ), C (on the basis of B to add stainless steel materials for vapor pipes, main shaft and support, and stainless steel linings for cylinder body and top cover). With a drying area from 4 to180 square meters, now we have series products and various kinds of auxiliary devices available to meet requirement of drying materials for customers.



(A) Regulation and control is easy, practical and strong
1. The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the material thickness, spindle speed, number of rake arms, rake leaf type and size.
2. Each drying plate can access the heat medium and cold medium, the material heating or cooling, material heating evenly, accurate temperature control, easy,
3. Material residence time can be adjusted precisely.
4. Material flow to a single, no backmix phenomenon, dry, stable quality, no longer need to mix.
(B) Easy to operate
1. Dryer drive, parking operation is very simple.
2. After stopping the feeding, the rake leaves that send the material can quickly empty the material in the dryer.
3. Through a special large-size viewfinder video, the device can be very carefully cleaned and observed.
(C) Low energy consumption
1. The material layer is very thin, the spindle speed is low, the power required by the material conveying system is small, and the power consumption is small.
2. Heat conduction to dry, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.
(D) Good operating environment, recyclable solvents, dust emissions meet the requirements
1. Atmospheric type: Due to the low air velocity in the equipment and the low and high humidity distribution in the equipment, it is hard for the dust to float to the top of the equipment, so there is almost no dust in the exhaust gas discharged from the top wet outlet.
2. Hermetic: Equipped with solvent recovery unit for easy recovery of organic solvents in wet gas. Solvent recovery device is simple, high recovery rate, for flammable, explosive, toxic materials drying.
3. Vacuum type: disk dryer operating in a vacuum state, especially for drying of heat-sensitive materials.
(E) Easy installation, small footprint
1. Dryer factory, the overall transport, as long as hoisting in place, installation and positioning is very easy.
2. Due to the dry disc layout, vertical installation, even if the drying area is very large, small footprint

Technical characteristics

(A) Dry plate
1. Design pressure: generally 0.4MPa, up to 1.6MPa.
2. The maximum use of pressure: generally ≤ 0.4MPa, up to 1.6MPa.
3. Heating medium: steam, hot water, oil, drying tray temperature 100 ℃ hot water heating, 150 ℃ -320 ℃ with thermal oil heating.
(B) Material transfer system
1. Spindle speed: 1-10 rpm, electromagnetic or inverter stepless speed regulation.
2. Rake arm: each drying plate has 2-8 fixed on the spindle rake arm.
3. Rake leaves: hinged on the rake arm, with the disk floating up and down to keep in touch, there are many forms.
4. Rolling: Easy caking and crushing the material needed, with the appropriate location with roller, you can strengthen the heat transfer and drying process.
(C) Shell
There are atmospheric pressure, airtight, vacuum three types.
1. Atmospheric type: Cylinder or octagonal prism type, there are two kinds of overall and off the structure. Heating medium import and export of the main channel can be in the shell can also be outside the shell.
3. Vacuum type: cylindrical shell, the design pressure of -0.096Mpa, heating medium import and export of the main pipeline in the shell.
(D) Air heater
Generally used in the configuration of induced draft fan to prevent moisture from entering the host to affect the drying effect of air.


This equipment can be widely used in drying process in fields of chemical industry, medicine, pesticides, food, feed, agricultural and sideline products. It is well received by various sectors in their practical usage.
(1) Organic Chemicals: Polyvinyl chloride resin, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, fumaric acid, anthraquinone, nitroanthraquinone, p-aminophenol, melamine, cyanuric acid, sulfanilic acid, antioxidant 168 , Naphthol AS, stearates, aniline, nitroaniline, dipentaerythritol, chlorinated paraffin, calcium formate, triethylenediamine, sodium benzenesulfinate, isophthalic acid, Thiourea, oil-soluble nigrosine dyes, black acid dyes and other organic chemical raw materials and intermediates.
(2) Inorganic Chemicals: Calcium Carbonate, Activated Calcium Carbonate, Nano-sized Superfine Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Silica, Strontium Carbonate, Barium Carbonate, Lithium Carbonate, Lithopone, Potassium, microsphere catalyst, magnesium hydroxide, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, ammonium nickelate, sodium molybdate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium fluoride, cryolite, red iron oxide, lithium hydroxide, Nickel hydroxide, zirconium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, sulfur and the like.
(3) Medicine, Food: ampicillin, Deng salt, L-glycine and intermediates, cefotaxime, ceftriaxone, analgin, cimetidine, vitamin b, vitamin c, medicinal magnesium metasilicate, Caffeine, tea, flower extract, Ginkgo biloba, chocolate powder, starch, corn germ and other raw materials medicine and pharmaceutical intermediates.
(4)Feed, Fertilizer: potassium carbonate, bio-potash, protein feed, feed chlortetracycline, bran, lees, food, herbicides, cellulose, feed and other DCP.


 Why choose Shuangrui Machinery?

1.Provide customers with high quality products
2.Strong technical strength, advanced production equipment
3.Perfect testing methods and a complete set of quality management system
4.Advanced production process enjoys high popularity in the industry
5.The product has the dual advantages of corrosion resistance and stability

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