Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, filtration & (vacuum) drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions).

Product Details

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer All Functions In one Machine

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, filtration & (vacuum) drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions).


The equipment consists of a vertical cone-shaped vessel with specially combination of top placed vortex breakers and helical ribbon agitator with minimal clearance to the side walls enabling the feed materials to be mixed and /or dried uniformly and efficiently resulting in a quality final product. The internal dead free design avoid cross contamination and easier cleaning process.

Larger heating surface results in above-average heat transfer through continuous mixing and intensive product contact with the heated side wall, resulting shorter drying time.

The feed materials are lifted upwards along the heated side wall, after which it sinks downwards again inside the process chamber resulting in a uniform temperature and product humidity across the entire product chamber. Its vertical design, and lack of bearing on the bottom of the vessel ensures a quick full product discharge.

Drive and bearings are located outside of the mixing chamber in order to prevent risk of product contamination due to lubricants, amongst others.

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer CHARACTERISTICS

Technology:vacuum, conduction



for the chemical industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the food industry, for dairy products, for bulk materials, for processing applications, for plastic pellets, for tobacco


Associated function

cooler, mixer, clean-in-place (CIP), evaporator, sterilization, filtration

Other characteristics

compact, with automatic controls, vertical, stainless steel, conical, nozzle, quick-drying, with temperature control, static, conical bottom



Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Process flow

The working process of Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is batch operation. After the wet material enters the silo, it is dried by the jacket and spiral belt stirring and heating. The high-vacuum design of this dryer has obvious advantages for products that are sensitive to drying temperature, and it has good heat conductivity, fast drying, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of low energy consumption. The filter directly connected to the dryer can keep the dust particles in the processing area. The machine adopts a pneumatic sealed hemispherical valve, which is completely and convenient for unloading. It has excellent vacuum and pressure-resistant sealing performance. It has no dead corners, easy-to-clean design, and performance. Stable and long service life, so as to ensure continuous processing of products without loss.


1. Stirring reaction

Add the materials to be reacted (solid-liquid, liquid-liquid or gas-liquid) from the feeding port on the top of the equipment, start the motor and reducer, and make the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon rotate in a clockwise direction (looking down from the top). The unique mixing structure at the time can make the materials fully stirred and react fully in the machine. If heating or cooling the materials during the reaction process, heat or refrigerant can be passed into the barrel and cone jacket, as well as the hollow shaft and hollow spiral belt. The heating or cooling medium is continuously circulated to complete heating or cooling of the material to meet the process conditions required for the reaction.

2. Press filter or vacuum filter

After the reaction is over, open the lower filtrate outlet, and pass compressed air or nitrogen into the equipment to perform pressure filtration on the reacted solid-liquid mixture until the materials in the machine are pressed dry. Vacuum can also be drawn at the outlet of the filtrate to vacuum filter the material until the filtrate is drained. When filtering, the hollow shaft and hollow ribbon can be rotated in a clockwise direction (viewed from the top) to lift the material, and the hollow ribbon can limit the thickness of the filter cake layer when rotating, so that the material is in a thin filter cake Filter under the condition of layer to increase the filtering rate. For materials that are easy to filter, the materials can be drained directly without stirring.


3. It can be washed and filtered multiple times

After some materials are filtered, they need to be washed several times. The multifunctional reaction filter drying machine is ideal equipment for repeated washing of materials. After the material is pressed dry in the machine, the washing liquid can be added to the top washing liquid inlet, and then the filter cake is evenly re-slurry through the hollow shaft and the hollow ribbon, and the material is pressed dry after the re-slurry is evenly stirred. If one washing is not enough, it can be washed multiple times. At this time, the above steps can be repeated multiple times, the operation is very convenient, and the labor intensity is extremely low.

To wash the material in the above method, we call it intermittent washing method. Since the material is pressed dry each time and then the washing liquid is added for washing, although the valve is opened and closed a little more times during operation, the washing liquid is used less. The machine can also carry out continuous washing of materials, that is, the washing liquid is continuously pressed in by a pump or other methods, and the pressure of the washing liquid is used for filtration. The hollow shaft and the hollow spiral belt are continuously stirred, and the filtrate is continuously discharged from the filtrate outlet until Until the washing requirements are reached, the filter cake is finally pressed dry. This continuous washing method generally requires more washing liquid than intermittent washing, but the operation is more convenient.


4. Vacuum drying and discharge

Filtered or washed, filtered and press-dried filter cake is stored in the machine. At this time, a heat medium is introduced into the barrel jacket, cone jacket, hollow shaft, and hollow spiral belt to heat the material. At the same time, the hollow shaft and hollow spiral The belt is still rotating in a clockwise direction (viewed from the top down), the materials are lifted upwards and fully stirred, and the top of the equipment is vacuumed, so that the materials are vacuum-sealed and dried in the machine. In addition to the jacket heating, there are also hollow shafts and hollow ribbons that are heated from the inside, and the drying is performed under vacuum conditions, so the drying efficiency is very high.

After drying, open the quick-open discharge port at the lower part of the equipment, make the hollow shaft and the hollow spiral belt rotate counterclockwise (viewed from the top), and the dried material in the machine will be automatically pushed to the discharge port. So far, the reaction, filtration, washing and drying process of a batch of materials is over.


Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer is a new generation of stirring contact vacuum dryer developed by Shuangrui Machinery. It adopts advanced technology and can process wet powder, filter cake, paste and slurry and other materials. It is especially suitable for heavy and viscous materials. And products that are highly sensitive or contain toxic or explosive solvents. Our vacuum dryer is suitable for low vacuum operation, and can also be applied to other stages of the process, including: reaction-crystallization-distillation-drying, heating-cooling, sterilization, liquid-solid separation and degassing. Now, we provide a wider range of vacuum drying systems, which are suitable for the processing of more media materials in a closed and controllable environment, from chemicals to metals and medicines.

Conical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer has completely changed the disadvantages of large volume, high energy consumption, long working time, low efficiency, high noise, difficult to pack, difficult to clean, and inconvenient to maintain. At present, it is a multi-purpose dryer with low power loss, high efficiency and good effect among similar equipment at home and abroad.

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