DZG Series Single Cone Vacuum Dryer

Conical vacuum mixing dryer is a new type of equipment for powder drying in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

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DZG Series single cone vacuum dryer

Conical vacuum mixing dryer is a new type of equipment for powder drying in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. The birth of this equipment effectively solved the defects of long working hours, low efficiency, high noise, easy agglomeration, multiple leaks, difficult maintenance, and inconvenient operation and cleaning of traditional drying equipment. It is a high-efficiency drying equipment with the lowest unit energy consumption, highest efficiency and best effect among similar equipment used in the industry. At the same time, the device has complied with FDA international standards and passed the acceptance smoothly.

DZG Series single cone vacuum dry 

Wuxi Shuangrui Machinery Co., Ltd.'s vacuum dryer can meet various industrial heat-sensitive products drying batch processing equipment. The vacuum dryer is suitable for drying various powders, such as heat-sensitive products such as powder, granules, wet materials and even solutions. We can provide models from 500L to 5m3.

DZG Series single cone vacuum dry-1 

Main features
● The helical ribbon agitator will not grind up the material particles, and no segregation will easily occur when it is used to mix materials of different density and granularity. It can be well adapted
● The agitating rate is low and it is suitable for the mixture of heat-sensitive materials.
● The helical ribbon agitator is characterized by short mixing time and good mixing effect.
● The inverted cone structure makes it possible to discharge materials quickly and cleanly, without any accumulation.
● It allows online SIP and CIP.
● It is convenient to install and operate and has long service life.

Working principle
It is a helical ribbon mixer. During the operation, the motor drives the rotation of the spindle and helical ribbon agitator using the speed reducer. The agitator drives the materials to rise or throw up in a circle motion from bottom to top. When the materials arrive at the central position or the highest point, they flow from the center to the bottom, so that the materials are spread, convected, sheared, dislocated and mixed in the vessel. The all-around irregular compound motion can lead to even mixing of materials in a short time.


Technical Parameter



This vacuum dryer is more suitable for the final drying of products, such as: powder, granule, slurry and paste products, especially effective for the drying of fragile and heat-sensitive materials.


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