3-in-one Vertical Conical-Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer

Organic pigments are widely used in industrial fields such as ink printing, coatings, plastics, and rubber because of their wide variety, bright colors, and good coloring power. They have become indispensable coloring materials for the production of various industrial products.

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3-in-one Vertical Conical-Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer

Organic pigments are widely used in industrial fields such as ink printing, coatings, plastics, and rubber because of their wide variety, bright colors, and good coloring power. They have become indispensable coloring materials for the production of various industrial products. However, as the awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, people's requirements for the safety and environmental protection of dyeing and pigment products have also continued to increase. The United States, Europe, Japan and other countries have established institutions to study dyeing, pigment ecological safety and toxicology, specializing in understanding and researching the impact of dyeing and pigments on human health and the environment. China's relevant labor safety and health management departments are also very concerned about this issue Value.

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High-performance organic pigments exhibit more excellent physical and chemical characteristics when used, not only have the advantages of bright colors and high color strength of classic organic pigments, but also meet the light resistance, heat resistance and resistance of medium and high-end coatings, inks, plastics and other fields. The requirement of higher performance such as solvent property has become the development trend of organic pigments. High-performance organic pigments have high R&D costs and technical content, complex processes, and long marketing cycles, but they have higher added value, so people have begun to turn to high-performance organic pigment substitutes with excellent performance. It is an inevitable trend for the development of the industry to develop new types of green and environmentally friendly dyes to replace harmful ones.

Solvent-based high-performance pigments Conventional production post-processing technology

Add the measured water and hydrochloric acid into the beating kettle. The dried material was heated to 60°C for 2 hours with stirring, and the yield was 94.9%. After the holding time is over, the materials are put into the suction filter tank and washed with hot water to neutrality (washing waste water to sewage treatment), then dried, sent to the oven for drying, crushing, packaging, and storage. The steam generated during the drying process is directly discharged into the atmosphere, the dust generated after crushing is discharged into the atmosphere after being processed by the bag dust collector, and the recovered dust is mixed into the finished product, and the total yield is 66.8%.


Conventional production post-processing technology Each unit operation in the production equipment has a corresponding unit equipment. These equipment are large and versatile, labor intensive, and have a lot of material loss during the operation; more noteworthy is that these equipment are generally open Operation, it is easy to cause pollution to the environment and endanger the health of operators. There are also some problems in the use of drying equipment. The more prominent ones are that the solvent cannot be fully recovered and the lack of dust collection devices. Some manufacturers even use open air drying for drying, which is not economical and not conducive to environmental protection, but also affects product quality. Need improvement urgently.

3-in-one Vertical Conical-Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer Process flow

The fully enclosed production process of solvent-based high-performance organic pigments includes:


(1) preparing diazonium salt solution;

(2) adding diazonium salt solution to the suspension for coupling reaction;

(3) adding rosin soap to the coupling reaction product And emulsifier fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, filtering, water washing and drying using the fully enclosed three-in-one to obtain the crude pigment dry powder;

(4) adding polar solvent to the integrated filter washing and drying machine equipped with the crude dry powder, in Pigmentation treatment, filtration, washing and drying are carried out at 0-50°C to obtain finished pigments.

The coloring power of the pigment prepared by this method is obviously improved, and the comprehensive application performance of the pigment is improved. It is suitable for the application of the system that requires high coloring power, and also provides an effective way to improve the coloring power of the pigment.

The solvent-based high-performance organic pigment fully enclosed post-treatment process has the following advantages:

(1) Pigmentation is carried out under low temperature conditions, the reflux device is omitted, the solvent odor is small during the production process, and the solvent evaporation loss is relatively small;

(2) The concentration of solvent in the pigmented mother liquor is high, which is conducive to solvent recovery, saves the cost of solvent distillation recovery, and the solvent loss is small;

(3) The obtained pigment has high coloring power, and the coloring strength of the water-based paint is more than 10% higher than that of the external standard. Reduced raw material costs.

(4) On the basis of satisfying the application performance of the pigment, the coloring power is further improved, the production cost is reduced, and the economic benefit is increased.

3-in-one Vertical Conical-Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer Technical advantages

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According to the technological requirements of the advanced production of dyes and dye intermediates for clean production and intrinsic safety for advanced liquid-solid separation and drying systems, the fully enclosed reaction crystallization filtration and drying multifunctional equipment developed by Shuangrui Machinery integrates filtration, washing, solvent recovery, drying and dust capture It is integrated in one, with high filtering and drying efficiency and easy operation. The multifunctional three-in-one performance of the filter washing and drying machine is obviously superior to other traditional filter and drying equipment, and has the following advantages:

(1) Safety and environmental protection

The fully-enclosed reaction crystallization filtration and drying multifunctional equipment can be designed as a fully-enclosed operating system, which can completely avoid the pollution of the operating environment air by the solvent during the production process, and at the same time can reduce the occurrence of poisoning accidents caused by contact with toxic substances. In today's growing voice of environmental protection and labor protection, this advantage is even more critical.

(2) Complete recovery

The materials and solvents are almost completely recovered to avoid waste and pollution caused by missing materials and solvent volatilization, which has great economic benefits, especially when dealing with higher-value materials and solvents.

(3) Save labor cost

A non-technical person with simple training can complete the operation. Technical personnel are not required to monitor the opening, closing, automatic feeding and automatic discharging.

(4) Wash thoroughly

The multi-function filter drying equipment has the function of re-suspension, and the filter cake can be cleaned very thoroughly.

(5) Simultaneous drying

Filtration, washing and drying can be done in the same system.

(6) Continuous operation

Filtration and drying can be performed in a continuous system. The wet filter cake that does not need to be processed can be directly discharged; if further drying is required, the wet filter cake is directly discharged from the filter into the dryer, and after drying, it can be mechanically transferred to the weighing, packaging and other sections.

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The research and development of the fully-enclosed filter washing and drying machine multifunctional three-in-one meets the environmentally friendly production requirements of solvent-based high-performance organic pigments, and it is also an inevitable trend to eliminate technological barriers and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure of the high-performance colorant industry. The multifunctional three-in-one of Shuangrui filter washing and drying machine will definitely promote the development of the domestic dyeing pigment industry and meet the needs of industrial development for the improvement of the grade and performance of dyeing pigment products, environmental protection and scale expansion.   

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