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As we all know, reaction, filtration, washing and drying is the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries are three very important unit operation, generally have a reactor, filter, dryer three unit equipment to...

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As we all know, reaction, filtration, washing and drying is the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries are three very important unit operation, generally have a reactor, filter, dryer three unit equipment to complete. The three unit equipment has its own set of facilities, due to large area, high cost, unit and unit of material handling or transportation more trouble, not only labor-intensive, but also easily lead to the loss of materials and waste. The face of flammable, toxic or highly toxic materials or do not allow the contamination of biological products, medicines, food, etc., require airtight operation, then reaction, filtration, drying the three devices more difficult to transport the material, And sometimes will often result in the entire device can not be completely normal operation or labor-intensive, long production cycle, high energy consumption, low efficiency affect product quality.
It is for these reasons, we conducted a lot of design and development work, and finally developed a successful SR-cone reaction filtration and drying multi-function machine to achieve a major breakthrough in chemical equipment technology. The invention of this filtering washing and drying four in one equipment has had a significant impact on the chemical equipment technology in China and the world.



The machine is a cone structure, the cylinder and the lower cone is provided with a heating jacket, the material can be heated or cooled inside the multi-function machine is equipped with Kong Yan walk and variable angle variable pitch hollow spiral mixing device Stirring, mixing and upgrading of materials, the introduction of materials in the material.
In the lower cone is equipped with a complex structure of the conical filter device at the bottom of the device has a special design without dead angle fast opening device or dead-end pneumatic discharge valve.


Technical Parameters










Volume (m3)









Filter Area (m2)


Heating Area (m2)


Filtering Method

Vacuum or Pressure Filtration

Drying Method

Vacuum Closed Dry

Motor Power (kw)

According to the different nature of the material, optional in the 3-55kw range

Dimensions (mm)


















Weight (T)










According to requirements, users can order a variety of specifications between 0.2 ~ 10m2 equipment


Working Principle
In the reaction stage, the reaction material is added from the top, the unique stirring structure can make the material get very uniform stirring in the machine, the cake passes through the cylinder jacket, the cone jacket and the hollow shaft, while the hollow spiral is heated or cooled, In the machine fully respond. In the filtration stage, the machine can make the material in the machine through the vacuum filter or dry vacuum filter to dry, and add washing liquid, so that the material in the machine for several automatic repulping washing, washing requirements to reach dry, in the Drying stage, the cone jacket jacket sleeve, hollow shaft, hollow ribbon at the same time heating the material and the top of the vacuum, vacuum closed drying of the material, automatically closed after drying material.


Advantages for the Equipment
◆A multi-purpose machine, in a machine to complete the reaction, extraction, filtration, washing, washing repeatedly repeated washing, drying and other operations, and directly to the finished product.
◆Closed operation, especially suitable for dealing with flammable, toxic or highly toxic dangerous products and do not allow the pollution of delicious food, biological products and medicines.
◆Cylinder jacket, cone jacket and hollow shaft with the material at the same time heating or cooling, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.
◆Special mixing spiral design, the material in the reaction, filtration, washing and drying stages of the material are very uniform mixing, so that the work of the whole machine is very efficient.
◆In the filtration stage, due to the ribbon and filter media good fit scratch wall, the material can be filtered under the conditions of a thin filter cake, high filtration efficiency.
◆Simplify and shorten the process, small footprint, significant savings in plant and equipment investment.
◆Easy to operate, low labor intensity, processed products of good quality.


Why choose Shuangrui Machinery?
1.Provide customers with high quality products
2.Strong technical strength, advanced production equipment
3.Perfect testing methods and a complete set of quality management system
4.Advanced production process enjoys high popularity in the industry
5.The product has the dual advantages of corrosion resistance and stability


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