Adjustment range and main form of rotary vacuum drum dryer

- Jun 20, 2019-

When the rotary vacuum drum dryer is used, its raw material shape particles, powder, particles, sludge, crystal, liquid, paste, suspension, solution, continuous sheet, slab, irregular material (small or large) , viscous or blocky.

The average output of the rotary vacuum drum dryer continuously operates the amount of feed or finished product, the amount of intermittent operation or the finished product and its adjustment range. Finished particle condition average particle size, particle size distribution, particle density, bulk density, rehydration, and the like.

Rotating vacuum drum dryer material inlet and outlet moisture content dry basis, wet basis. Material properties Chemical, biochemical, microbial activity, heat sensitivity (melting point, glass transition temperature), moisture isotherm (equilibrium moisture content), etc. Drying time drying curve, influence of operating parameters.

Rotary vacuum drum dryer heater contact form (direct, indirect). The fuel is selected from steam, coal, electricity, oil and gas. Drying auxiliary equipment fan, dry dust collector, wet dust collector, feeder, discharger, finished product cooling and conveying