Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum crystallization equipment

- Sep 20, 2020-

The vacuum crystallization equipment adiabatically evaporates the hot saturated solution under vacuum, so that the solution reaches supersaturation and crystallizes. The equipment can be operated intermittently or continuously. Generally, a steam jet pump is used to generate and maintain a vacuum. Can reach very low temperature, and can obtain large crystals. Vacuum crystallization equipment has special advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

The advantage is:

(1) The structure is simple, there are no moving parts, and it can be made or lined with corrosion-resistant materials;

(2) Evaporation and cooling are carried out at the same time, and the production capacity is large;

(3) The solution is cooled due to adiabatic evaporation without a heat transfer surface;

(4) The operation is easy to adjust and control.

weakness is:

(1) Steam must be used;

(2) More cooling water is consumed in the condenser.

Crystallization equipment is a mechanical equipment that many modern productive enterprises must use, especially in the chemical industry. Whether it is production process or waste liquid treatment, crystallization equipment plays a great role. It can not only create objective profits for enterprises, but also help enterprises save cost.