Advantages of malt powder dryer machine and cylinder structure

- Jun 12, 2019-

The malt powder dryer machine is a horizontal cylinder structure during the operation, and the two ends are parallel when operating, which is also called a dryer. The malt powder dryer machine is mainly composed of a support roller, a cylinder, a cylinder head and a tail. It provides a professional dry environment for powders. It is widely used in various equipment applications in the industry. It is also a common rotary dryer in the industry. Due to the professional lifting materials and other auxiliary devices in the cylinder, In order to improve the reasonable yield and improvement of the entire powder and the professional cylinder, a sufficient environment is provided for drying.

Advantages of the malt powder dryer machine

1. The whole process adopts the closed operation mode, combined with the foreign technical content to strengthen the heat transfer of the equipment, high efficiency, rapid, large-volume production and drying.

2. Due to the ultra-fine shape of the material, when entering the cylinder, a strong airflow will be generated in the cylinder, and the material will be completely washed out from the cylinder and will not stick to the machine.

3, can be applied to a variety of different material operations, such as sheet, fiber, pulp, paste, heat sensitivity and other industrial materials of various shapes.

When the malt powder dryer machine rotates in the same interior, the material is super-fine, and it is highly dispersed in the interior of the machine by centrifugal force, collision, friction, etc., and will fully contact with the hot air to ensure the working effect and quality of the finished material. And according to the characteristics of different materials, different special devices can be installed to ensure the discoloration, coking and other problems of special materials, and truly achieve the effect of personalized