Advantages of the new generation of three in one vertebral dryer

- Mar 09, 2020-

Filter is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which is suitable for biomedical, sewage treatment, petrochemical, food and beverage fields. At present, the main two in one and three in one filters in the market are roughly divided into the old generation of flat plate filter and the new generation of cone type three in one filter. The advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of equipment are different.

The flat plate filter is composed of a set of circular reinforced plastic filter plates with grooves or edges. During filtration, the sewage enters from the outside, and the rim formed by the groove edge on the adjacent filter disc intercepts the solid matter in the water; during backwashing, the water flows from the inside of the annular filter disc to the outside, and the sewage intercepted on the filter disc is washed down and discharged through the drain outlet. The later use cost and maintenance cost of flat plate filter are slightly higher. However, the investment cost and manufacturing requirements of the living site are higher, the price is also more expensive, there are fewer domestic manufacturers, the discharge is not complete, and the washing is not uniform and sufficient. In addition, when three in one drying is used for the living site, the heating effect of the site is not obvious, which can only play the role of heat preservation.

The main features of the new generation of three in one vertebral filter include: rapid and thorough discharge, large filtration area, high filtration efficiency, low manufacturing cost, which can improve the disadvantages of the traditional filter, such as residual discharge and slow discharge. The three in one cone filter overcomes the shortcomings of the filter that is difficult to clean after use in the past. It completely realizes on-line cleaning, back washing, back blowing, etc., and the cleaning is complete without disassembly and cleaning. At the same time, it avoids the damage to the equipment caused by frequent disassembly and cleaning of the filter. In addition, in material filtration, solid-liquid separation can be completed, there is no dead angle in filtration, and the filtration accuracy can be guaranteed. The entire filtration process can be fully automated.

The new generation of three in one cone filter is applicable to the API industry, chemical industry, biopharmaceutical industry, dye industry and other fields. It can be used according to the material characteristics.