Airflow fabric dyeing machine dyeing characteristics

- Aug 22, 2018-

Compared with the traditional dyeing machine, the airborne fabric dyeing machine circulates the fabric mainly by using a gas passage containing moisture or water vapor, without the need to dye the liquid or the water medium to transport the fabric, almost all the fiber materials and Its mixture can be bleached and dyed.


In general, a special advantage of air-jet fabric dyeing machines is that they can reduce the amount of dyes used, chemical additives and energy consumption. During its operation, the fabric is driven by the high-pressure airflow generated by the circulating fan, and its operating speed can be controlled by the air volume according to the process requirements. In the production process of this kind of equipment, the contact exchange mode between the fabric and the dyeing liquid mainly has two forms of air atomization and air pressure penetration.


By adopting the former exchange method, not only the dyeing quality of the air-jet fabric dyeing machine can be ensured, but also the purpose of saving power consumption can be achieved. The pressure infiltration method helps to drive the fabric, and it also has the effect of pressure diffusion on the dyeing surface of the fabric.