Application advantages and structural characteristics of the Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment

- Aug 13, 2018-

The Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment is a multi-functional sealing operation equipment that integrates filtration, washing and automatic discharging. It is widely used in medicine, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries. The filter washing machine has great advantages in both product quality and product price.


First of all, the Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment can effectively reduce the labor intensity, improve the production environment on site, prevent product pollution, and more adapt to the "GMP" requirements. And in practical applications, energy consumption can be reduced and energy can be saved. Secondly, the device adopts a completely closed filter structure design, no leakage, no pollution, and conforms to GMP regulations. It is operated under pressure or vacuum to realize solid-liquid two-phase separation. The filter cake is evenly distributed during filtration, and the solid-liquid separation effect is good.


At the same time, the spraying device inside the Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment can make the cleaning liquid evenly distribute the container, and can clean the inner wall of the container and the material; thoroughly mix the filter cake and the cleaning liquid by lifting the stirring slurry to fully wash the paddle suspension filter cake The solid material is automatically discharged by stirring the slurry to achieve automatic discharge of the solid cake.