Application of continuous vacuum belt dryer in traditional Chinese medicine

- Jul 03, 2019-

The continuous vacuum belt dryer adopts new non-stick track material, multi-section temperature control, automatic vacuum adjustment and new structure, which has the characteristics of energy saving and less loss of volatile components. It can be used for the drying of solid or liquid materials, but it is more suitable for the application in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine extracts.


Traditional Chinese medicine extract drying equipment mainly includes vacuum oven, vacuum freeze dryer and spray dryer. Compared with the above three equipments, the process conditions of the continuous vacuum belt dryer can not only obtain the moisture content required by the product, but also the active ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine product can be retained, and are comparable to the vacuum freeze dryer, and superior to spray drying. And vacuum microwave drying.


In addition, the continuous vacuum belt dryer has a significantly higher yield than the spray drying, and the drying time is also significantly shorter than vacuum freeze drying. Therefore, the continuous vacuum belt dryer is an ideal equipment for drying traditional Chinese medicine extracts.


When the material is drying, the operator should check some power cords for damage, etc., if necessary, or replace them in time to avoid hazards or accidents. In addition, the material cannot fall into the heating tube. The drying temperature should also be set reasonably correct and should not exceed the specified