Application range and installation and maintenance of vacuum double drum dryer

- Jul 15, 2019-

Vacuum double drum dryer is suitable for drying liquid or thicker materials in chemical, dye, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical and other industries. During the use, the rotational flexibility of the rotating parts should be checked regularly, and there should be jamming. The components such as the sprocket should be regularly greased, and the error of the measuring device such as the pressure gauge should be corrected regularly. If the V-belt transmission parts are seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. . 

After the installation of the vacuum double drum dryer, the test run test should be carried out first, and the main motor should be turned to observe that the main drum is turning correctly; observe whether the rotation of the main drum and each transmission part is flexible, observe whether the steam inlet and outlet are connected, and whether the pressure gauge is in the working pressure range. Inside. 

Then start the motor, the main drum moves smoothly, and after adding the material after the temperature rises, adjust the motor speed and the uniformity of the material on the drum to control the final water content of the material. Start the auger motor, output the dry finished material, and adjust the speed of the auger motor according to the dry finished product.