Belt type vacuum powder continuous dryer

- Jun 19, 2018-

Belt type vacuum powder continuous dryer is a highly efficient conduction type continuous drying equipment. At present, the equipment has been widely used in processing and drying operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, and agricultural and sideline products industries, and has been highly praised in various industries. Belt type vacuum powder continuous dryer has the characteristics of high efficiency, low temperature, conduction type, vacuum and continuous drying operation.


In practical production, the belt-type vacuum powder continuous dryer realizes continuous feeding, unloading, crushing and packaging under vacuum. When the drying process is performed, the properties of the crystalline material, the heat-sensitive material, and the oxidizing material are not damaged. And the device also has a new type of automatic correction function. The device also has good reliability, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, low energy consumption, low production cost and other advantages.


For users, after using the belt vacuum powder continuous dryer, the product yield is obviously improved, and the solvent recovery is high, which effectively reduces the operating cost. Its unique structure and working principle determine that it has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient operation control, good operating environment, and good drying product molding. Particularly suitable for heat-sensitive, paste viscosity, solvent materials, drying, heat-sensitivity can be invariable, sticky adhesive wall, forming a good, solvent solvent solvent recovery 95% and so on.


Not only that, under normal circumstances, belt vacuum powder continuous dryer has the characteristics of rapid heat transfer, rapid evaporation of water, short drying time, etc., and good product quality, crisp texture, good dissolution performance, and can improve the dissolution of certain formulations. Rate, suitable for heat-sensitive drugs.


In short, the belt vacuum powder continuous drying machine has a fast drying speed, and the surface area of the material after atomization is greatly increased. In the hot air flow, the moisture can be evaporated from 95% to 98% in an instant, and the drying time is only a few seconds. Suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. The belt vacuum powder continuous dryer has a simplified production process, convenient operation and control, no need for crushing and screening after drying, reducing production processes and improving product purity.