Centrifugal spray dryer benefits and scope of application

- Jun 25, 2018-

Centrifugal spray dryers have a very short drying time for the material and only take about 10 to 30 seconds. Because of the short drying time, the product can maintain a uniform and small size. Products that are typically dried using a centrifugal spray dryer have good dispersibility, flowability, and solubility. For the operator, the operation on the device is very flexible.


That is to say, in the process of drying materials by using a centrifugal spray dryer, the granularity, bulk density, moisture, product properties, etc. of the products can be adjusted and controlled by the operating conditions of the equipment within a certain range. All convenient. In this way, a very desirable drying effect can be obtained, and 40% to 60% (partially up to 90%) of the liquid can be dried into a powdery product at once, without crushing and screening.


More importantly, the finished product obtained by this method has good quality, and at the same time, the biological activity such as color, aroma and taste of the material can be preserved. Furthermore, the centrifugal spray dryer has a wide range of applications and can be used for solutions, emulsions, suspensions, etc. It can even be used for liquid drying with viscosity. The equipment is very simple to operate, with low failure rates and low maintenance costs.


Centrifugal spray dryer drying principle:

After the liquid material is filtered, it will be sent to the centrifugal atomizing disk which rotates at a high speed. Due to the centrifugal force of the rotating disk, the material liquid stretches into a film on the rotating surface and constantly moves to the edge, and it is atomized when leaving the edge. The atomized droplets (surface area greatly increased) exchange heat with the hot air and complete the drying process quickly within 10-30 seconds.


What are the applicable materials for centrifugal spray dryers? We know that this equipment has a wide range of applications and is now widely used in many fields such as chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, ceramic industry, spray granulation and spray cooling granulation. In addition, centrifugal spray dryers are often used for other spray crystallization, spray concentration and spray reactions.