Centrifugal spray dryer features

- Oct 14, 2019-

1. The drying time only takes 10 to 30 seconds. Due to the short drying time, the product can maintain a uniform fine particle shape (the product has good dispersibility, fluidity and solubility).

2. Flexible control. For the product's grain, bulk density, moisture, product properties (excluding dust, fluidity, wettability, instant solubility), the operating conditions can be adjusted within a certain range to adjust, control and management are convenient.

3. The drying effect is good. 40%-60% (some materials up to 90%) of the liquid can be dried into a powdered product at one time without pulverization and screening.

4. The quality of the finished product is good. It can retain the color, fragrance, taste, and other biological activities of the material; the moisture content of the final product.

5. Wide range of use. Solutions, emulsions, suspensions can even be used for liquids with viscosity.

6. Simple operation. Centrifugal spray dryer, the operation is very simple, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance cost is also low.