Continuous vacuum belt dryer has excellent characteristics

- Jun 27, 2018-

The new low-temperature continuous vacuum belt dryer is a drying equipment specially designed and manufactured using a new type of non-adhesive track material, multi-section temperature control, automatic vacuum adjustment and a new structure. This new type of low-temperature continuous vacuum belt dryer has the characteristics of energy saving and little loss of volatile components. It can be used for the drying of solid or liquid materials, and is especially suitable for application in the pharmaceutical industry.


In actual operation, the new low-temperature continuous vacuum belt dryer achieves continuous feeding and continuous discharging operations. The contact-type vacuum drying equipment mainly uses the feed liquid to be processed directly into the high-vacuum dryer through a conveying mechanism, and is spread on a plurality of drying belts in the dryer, and a special rubber roller is driven by a motor. Drive the drying belt in the direction of the dryer barrel at a set speed.


In the process of drying, the continuous vacuum belt dryer mainly transfers the heat required for drying to the material to be dried in a contact heat transfer manner. When the drying belt moves from one end of the barrel to the other, the material is already dried and cooled. When the drying belt is folded back, the dried cake is peeled from the drying belt and is smashed by a cutting device that moves up and down. In the device, the crushed material is discharged through two air lock discharge hoppers.


At the same time, the dry finished particles obtained by the continuous vacuum belt dryer tend to have a certain degree of crystallization effect, and at the same time, micropores are seen from the microstructure. After being directly crushed to the required particle size, the particles have good fluidity and can be directly tableted or capsule-filled, and at the same time, since the particles have a microscopic loose structure, the fast dissolving property is excellent. Moreover, the appearance of the particles is good. For instant products, the grade of the products is obviously improved.


The continuous vacuum belt dryer not only has outstanding performance, but also has a wide range of application. It can be applied to most natural product extracts. Especially for materials with high viscosity, easy clumping, thermoplastic and heat-sensitive materials, it is not suitable or can not use spray drying. Continuous vacuum belt dryer is the best choice.