Continuous vacuum belt dryer has good fluidity and crystallization effect

- Jun 10, 2019-

The continuous vacuum belt dryer is a continuous vacuum feeding device with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The liquid to be dried directly enters the interior of the dryer under high vacuum through the conveying mechanism, and is spread in the dryer. On the strip drying belt, a special rubber roller driven by the motor drives the drying belt to move along the direction of the dryer cylinder at a set speed. Each of the drying belts is provided with three independent heating plates and one cooling plate, and a drying belt. It is closely attached to the heating plate and the cooling plate to transfer the energy required for drying to the material in contact with heat transfer.

The particles obtained after drying in a continuous vacuum belt dryer have a certain degree of crystallization effect, and at the same time, there are micropores inside from the microscopic structure. After directly pulverizing to the required particle size, the flowability of the particles is very good, and it can be directly compressed or filled with a capsule, and at the same time, since the particles have a microscopic loose structure, the fast solubility is excellent. Moreover, the appearance of the granules is good, and for the instant (granules) products, the grade of the products can be greatly improved. The belt vacuum dryer continuously feeds and continuously discharges at both ends of the fuselage, and the batching and discharging parts can be set in the clean room. The whole drying process is completely closed, and does not contact with the external environment, and meets the requirements of GMP.

Continuous vacuum belt dryers are suitable for most natural product extracts. Especially for materials with high viscosity, easy to agglomerate, thermoplastic and heat sensitive, it is not suitable or can not be spray dried. The concentrated extract can be directly sent to the belt vacuum dryer for drying without adding any auxiliary materials, which can reduce the dosage of the product. Quantity, improve product