Crystallization equipment classification

- Nov 06, 2019-

There are many types of crystallizers. The method of obtaining supersaturation in solution can be divided into evaporating crystallizer and cooling crystallizer; according to the flow mode, the mother liquor can be divided into a crystallizer and a crystal slurry (ie, a mixture of mother liquor and crystal) to circulate the crystallizer; The method can be divided into a continuous crystallizer and a batch crystallizer.


Commonly used crystallizers are: a crystallization tank, a trough-shaped vessel, a jacket or a coil in the vessel for heating or cooling the solution in the tank. The crystallization tank can be used as an evaporation crystallizer or a cooling crystallizer. In order to increase the strength of crystal production, a stirrer can be added to the tank. The crystallization tank can be used for continuous operation or intermittent operation. The crystal obtained by the batch operation is large, but the crystals are easily connected into crystal clusters, entraining the mother liquor and affecting the purity of the product. The crystallizer has a simple structure and low production strength, and is suitable for the production of small batch products such as chemical reagents and biochemical reagents.