Description of stirring forward and reverse rotation of filtering and washing equipment and its main features

- May 30, 2018-

In the process of operation, the filtering and washing equipment mainly accelerates the evaporation speed by means of a vacuum inside the equipment. The filtering washing equipment removes the evaporated moisture to a certain extent by adding hot nitrogen gas and the like after the processing equipment is added to accelerate the material. Dry, improve the drying effect.

Acceleration and reverse rotation of filter washing equipment

1. The filtering and washing equipment is effective to a certain extent to drive the shaft to rotate through the deceleration of its motor speed reducer. When the operation is performed, the speed adjustment can be realized quickly by frequency conversion.

2. The filtration and washing equipment will directly drive the shaft through its liquid motor, which is powered by the hydraulic pump. The rotation speed is adjusted by the regulating valve, and the stirring and lifting are performed. The chassis is lifted and powered by the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic station. The pump station controls are available in manual, electronic and pneumatic controls.

3. The speed of filtering and washing equipment is mainly controlled by its inverter during the operation of 0-20 rpm, including safety protection devices. Divided into manual control of the discharge valve and hydraulic (or pneumatic) control of the discharge valve, the inside of the valve core is closed with the simplified inner wall of the device, which does not affect the inside action of the stirring. Outlet valve seals can be sealed with a variety of metal seals. For sterile products, the discharge valve can be sterilized. The discharge valve structure can be optionally fixed or quick open structure.

Main features of filter washing equipment

1. The filter washing equipment saves energy when used, and the motor power is small (the speed ratio of the reducer is larger than I = 46.3).

2. The filter washing equipment is set in place for cleaning, sampling in place, steam sterilization (122°C).

3. The lower chassis and Simplified connection use double-track inclined seals. The dead-end "GMP" design is suitable for disinfection and cleaning. Achieve an ideal seal and achieve a good fit.

4. Reduce the labor intensity of operators, and prevent product contamination, and adapt to "GMP" requirements.

5. 60, 65Mn steel has a high strength; used to manufacture a variety of springs, wheel edges, low speed wheels.