Development of crystallizer vibration device

- Nov 18, 2019-

There are two main requirements for the vibration of the mold in continuous casting production. One is to make the crystallizer accurately vibrate according to the given motion trajectory, such as the linear or circular arc motion trajectory; the other is to make the crystallizer according to the given ground speed. Regular vibrations, such as sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal vibration laws.


The generation of various vibration laws before the occurrence of the non-sinusoidal vibration law is realized by the cam (including the eccentric wheel) mechanism, which is relatively easy, and the realization of the vibration trajectory is relatively difficult. Therefore, the development of vibrating devices is mainly manifested in the mechanism that realizes the vibration trajectory, such as rail type, long arm type, differential type (including four eccentric type), short arm four-link type (including half-plate spring, full-plate spring type). ).


Due to the non-sinusoidal vibration law, it is much more difficult to realize the non-sinusoidal vibration law than to realize the vibration trajectory. Therefore, the development of the vibration device is mainly manifested in the driving and control of the non-sinusoidal device.