Different types of yarn dyeing machines

- Jun 22, 2018-

At present, there are many kinds of mechanical equipment used in the production of yarn products. With the continuous development of the market, the functions and performance of the equipment have also been continuously improved and improved. The yarn dyeing machine has also undergone continuous development and changes. The process operation has gradually developed into semi-mechanized and semi-automated. With the development of science and technology, automated yarn dyeing machines will also begin to be widely used.


For the moment, the types of products involved in yarn dyeing operations mainly include wool, twisted yarns, or cotton yarns, polyester yarns, and nylon yarns. At the same time yarn dyeing machine can be divided into skein, bobbin yarn and warp yarn dyeing machine and other types. Among them, the reciprocating yarn dyeing machine equipment is a semi-mechanized operation, and the structural design of the equipment itself is relatively simple. Usually, the hank is hung on the triangular bar of the fixed plate, and the triangular bar can be moved left and right by the movement of the plate, so that the hank can be dyed in the dyeing tank.


The jet hank dyeing machine belongs to a widely used yarn dyeing machine. The equipment is mainly composed of dyeing tanks, orifice tubes, rotary devices and pumps. In the process of dyeing, the skein yarns are respectively put on the horizontal row of holes, and the dyeing liquid is pumped into the holes from the liquid bath and sprayed on the hank.


At the same time, with the running of the yarn dyeing machine, under the drive of the rotary device, the hank yarn hanging on the hole tube can be gradually rotated to achieve uniform dyeing. In comparison, the bath of the equipment is relatively small, and it is also more convenient for the loading and unloading of hank yarns. However, it is necessary to frequently clean the spray eye during daily use to prevent clogging.


Another yarn dyeing machine that is increasingly used is called a high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine. When the machine is usually dyed, it is necessary to stack the hank in the yarn cage first and tighten the upper cover. The next step is to hang the yarn cage into the dyeing tank for dyeing. When dyeing with a yarn dyeing machine, the dyeing liquid is ejected from the nozzle in the middle of the yarn cage by means of a pump, and is refluxed from the periphery. After a certain period of time, the motor is switched to the circulation to complete the dyeing.