Disposal efficiency of bulk fiber dyeing machine

- Sep 03, 2018-

After a certain amount of pre-treatment, the dye can be more easily dyed with a fiber dyeing machine. If you want to achieve good dyeing results, you should not only use good additives, but also have the conditions to produce effective effects. Only in this way can we ensure that the efficacy of the fiber dyeing machine is fully utilized.


First, after pre-treatment of the fabric, the dyeing process can be better satisfied with the dyeing process. At this time, the processing time of the bulk fiber dyeing machine can be reduced to some extent to avoid mechanical wear. Secondly, this will enable the pre-treatment of the fabric to be achieved with the shortest process.


More importantly, on the one hand, it can effectively improve the dyeing effect of the fiber dyeing machine, on the other hand, it also achieves the production goal of energy saving and emission reduction. Among them, the airflow dyeing machine adopts the continuous water washing mode, the turbidity and shunting, and the washing gradient is large. If the water washing is controlled, the bulk fiber dyeing machine can achieve the best washing effect with less water consumption.