Do you know the advantages and precautions about stainless steel reaction pots?

- Nov 28, 2018-

Stainless steel reaction pots, as a kind of machinery, play a wider and wider role, but many people do not know the advantages and precautions of stainless steel reflecting pots.


1. Stainless steel has excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high working pressure, and can withstand the impact of bulk solid material feeding.

2, good heat resistance, a wide range of operating temperatures. It does not oxidize the skin at higher temperatures, so it can be used for direct fire heating. 3. It has good corrosion resistance and no rust.

4, the heat transfer effect is better than the enamel reaction pot, the temperature rise and temperature drop faster.

5. It has good processing performance and can be made into reaction pots of various shapes and structures according to the process requirements. The wall of the pot can be polished and polished so that it is not hanging, easy to clean

Operational notes:

1. The oil quantity is about 80% of the jacket volume (when the heater is working, the oil does not overflow).

2. It is strictly forbidden to electrify and heat when there is no heat transfer oil or no material in the kettle (and empty kettle).

3. The upper part of the electric heating jacket should be unblocked to prevent blockage.

4, electric heating should be slow, especially the first heating should pay attention to prevent the boiling of oil and gas and water.

5. In order to effectively save energy, an insulation layer should be added to the equipment, and overpressure is strictly prohibited.