Drying equipment requirements

- Dec 05, 2018-

Food drying equipment requirements

Drying equipment is used to dry the food in order to reduce the moisture content of the finished product, to facilitate the storage and transportation of the finished product, and at the same time to inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms in the finished product. It is also a relatively complicated heat transfer and mass transfer process. According to the characteristics of the moisture content of the food, the economical drying method is usually used to remove the moisture which is easy to evaporate in the product, such as the moisture on the surface of the product, and then use the drying method which consumes slightly higher energy to remove the water which is difficult to evaporate, such as water combined with the product. Adsorption of moisture (or internal moisture).

Spray drying equipment requirements

1. All parts in contact with the product should be made of stainless steel. Do not use galvanized iron, iron and aluminum materials. The surface of the drying room should be smooth and smooth, easy to disassemble, clean and sterilize.

2. There are measures to prevent eddy currents or backflow of hot air to reduce the phenomenon of coke.

3. To enhance the role of air filtration, reduce impurities and improve product purity.

4. In order to facilitate monitoring and inspection of the operation of the drying equipment,