Dyeing machine classification and scope of use

- Aug 17, 2018-

The dyeing machine is widely used, and it is aimed at a large market demand, so its type is also becoming more and more abundant. Usually, the dyeing machine is made of stainless steel, and has the advantages of no mechanical noise, convenient speed adjustment, etc. It is suitable for seamless underwear, stockings, silk, etc. of hemp, cotton, rayon and blended. The dyeing leaves are stirred in the forward and reverse directions to make the dyes in a floating state, uniform dyeing, strong penetrating power, and not easy to damage the dyes.


For the time being, dyeing machines can be mainly divided into the following two categories:


1. Garment dyeing machine, stable and safe operation, no noise, and durable parts. This series of equipment is mainly used for finishing dyeing of knitted fabrics such as seamless underwear, sweaters, acrylic shirts, nylon socks, scarves, gloves, cashmere and blends.


2. In the process of dyeing and finishing the fabric, the high-temperature dyeing machine can adopt the flexible water flow design, so that the high-grade fabric can be subjected to the lowest surface impact to ensure no lint, and the yarn support is not twisted; the unique elbow design can achieve no dead angle. The purpose of the minimum tension is the minimum bath ratio.