Excellent sealing adaptability of filtration, washing and drying equipment

- Mar 06, 2020-

The technology of filtration, washing and drying equipment provides high-quality services for the plastic industry. The equipment is the product of the new design and improvement of the original dryer in response to the demand of the chemical industry for the fully sealed high-performance and high-quality dryer with flow operation. The new dryer greatly reduces the downtime, reduces the maintenance times, and provides high-quality dryer Effect. The superior performance of the product saves a lot of money for users.

Filtration, washing and drying equipment has good adaptability to a variety of materials, especially for the treatment of difficult to filter slurry and inflammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, pollution and other materials. It integrates filtration, washing and other operations. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, dye, metallurgy and other industrial sectors. This machine is independently designed and developed by our company, and put into practical application. It fills the domestic blank of this kind of product and replaces the import. It has a broad application prospect in the separation of many toxic, harmful and polluting materials. 5 typical uses are applicable to pharmaceutical industry, pesticide, fine chemical industry, dyestuff pigment chemical industry, food industry, chemicals extracted from agricultural products, polymer resin products.

The filtering, washing and drying equipment uses centrifugal force to quickly remove the water from the slurry flowing into the rotor through the feed inlet, and the water is discharged through the bottom drain pipe, while the granular material is transported to the outlet through the rotor at a high speed in a spiral shape, and the auxiliary hot air can also generate countercurrent with the granular material through the upper half of the dryer, and the strong pressure air flow can quickly remove the water vapor, because the granular material is centrifugal High speed rotation, so the material will become more and more dry, the entire drying process only a few seconds.