Features and basic introduction of belt vacuum dryer

- May 14, 2018-

In the process of operation, the belt type vacuum dryer is a type of continuous feed and continuous discharge type fore-contact drying equipment. During operation, the dry material liquid directly enters the high vacuum through its conveying mechanism. When the inside of the dryer is inside, a number of drying belts in the dryer are driven by a special rubber roller driven by a motor to move the drying belt at a set speed along the direction of the dryer cylinder, and there are three underneath each drying belt. Independent heating plate and cooling plate.

When the belt-type vacuum dryer operates, the cooling plate, the heating plate and the drying belt can effectively fit closely together, and during operation, the energy required for drying can be effectively transmitted to the materials by means of contact heat transfer. When the drying belt From one end of the barrel to the other, the material has dried and cooled. When the drying belt folds back, the dried cake is peeled from the drying belt and is dropped into a smashing device through a cutting device that moves up and down. The crushed material was discharged through two airlock discharge hoppers.

Belt-type vacuum dryers will to some extent directly pass their material into its high vacuum, which will effectively be gradually dried over a period of time (usually 30-60 minutes), during the operation, after drying The granules have a certain degree of crystallization effect, and at the same time, there are micropores in the microscopic structure.

The belt type vacuum dryer can be directly crushed to a desired particle size to a certain extent, and when it is used, its particle fluidity is very good. In operation, it can be directly tableted or capsule-filled, and since the particles have a microscopic The loose structure has excellent instant solubility. Moreover, the appearance of the particles is good, and for the instant (granule) products, the grade of the products can be greatly improved. The belt type vacuum dryer continuously feeds and discharges continuously at both ends of the fuselage.

Belt vacuum dryer features use

1. The material belt can separately control its running status and running speed.

2. The feed pump can control its running status and feeding speed separately.

3 cloth motor fabric angle, running speed can be adjusted steplessly.

4. The vacuum system uses multi-stage Roots water ring vacuum pump unit.

5. The temperature control adopts the regulating valve and digital sensor control technology to ensure that the heating temperature of each section runs at a constant temperature.http://www.srchemicalequipment.com/