Filter wash and dry three-in-one structural features

- Apr 20, 2020-

Structure of the base plate

A. Fixed: The chassis is welded to the equipment cylinder, and there is a heating system for heating and drying.

B. Detachable: The chassis uses clamps to clamp the two upper and lower flanges to achieve sealing. The chassis can be disassembled and dropped to the ground with hydraulic cylinders. The lower part of the chassis is equipped with wheels to move the filter plate for cleaning. The chassis is equipped with a heating system, one is a runner type and the other is a pipe heating type. The filter plate is fixed from below the bottom plate with bolts, so that the filter plate is flat, and there is no bolt in the part in contact with the product.


Unloading device: The dry material is automatically discharged from the side discharge port through the inversion of the stirring blade, and directly enters the packaging.

Discharging device: It is divided into manual controlled discharge valve and hydraulically controlled discharge valve. After the valve core is closed, the inside of the valve is in line with the equipment cylinder-inner wall, which does not affect the stirring inside. The discharge valve seal can adopt a variety of seals such as metal seals. The product discharge valve for non-bacteria requirement can be added with anti-bacteria treatment. The discharge valve structure can be fixed or quick-open.


power system

A. After deceleration through the motor reducer, the shaft with the support shaft rotates. Its speed is adjusted by frequency conversion fast-speed,

B. Lifting and stirring, the lifting of the chassis is powered by the hydraulic pump on the hydraulic station. There are manual control and electric control for pump station control.

C. The reducer adopts the products of German SEW company.

D. The speed is controlled by the inverter from 6-25 rpm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily, including safety-full imitation stop device.


main feature:

A: Energy saving: small motor power and large speed reducer.

B: The equipment can be cleaned in place, sampling in place, steam elimination (122 ° C)

C: The lower chassis and the cylinder are connected with a dual-channel inclined seal ring. The non-dead-angle conforms to "GMP" and is cleaned with du. Reach the ideal sealing state and form a good fit.

D: Reduce the manual operation of the operator, and imitate the pollution of the product. Adapt to "GMP" requirements.