Filter washing and drying three-in-one selection points

- Apr 11, 2020-

One [Material corrosion resistance] General chloride ion content materials, from normal to high temperature drying, titanium materials have excellent corrosion resistance-different, can still be stable and applicable to hydrochloric acid concentration below 1%; high concentration hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoride Strong corrosion solutions such as acids, Hastelloy is a mature material used in the market; non-metallic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., are relatively stable in corrosion resistance, but problems such as coating peeling are likely to occur during the application of equipment. Elaborate in three points;


[Material manufacturing process] As well as the excellent and different corrosion resistance and stability of titanium, it is also known for its difficulty in processing. The titanium material is special and special. The typical problem is that it cannot be directly welded with other materials; but from In consideration of application cost, pure titanium material selection is not accepted. Dingchang conducts process research and development for such applications to form a set of "composite titanium processing" process solutions. The composite titanium material is processed on the basis of various alloys. Successful application has accumulated 16 years of process experience.


[Service life, performance and stability] Under the premise of maintaining the correct material, the equipment manufacturing process is the key factor that determines the equipment life and stability during the later period. The heat transfer efficiency of metal materials is largely the same, and it is the first choice in the heat exchange process; and under the condition of alternate use at different temperatures, even different alloy materials have close shrinkage ratios and are generally relatively stable.