Filter washing and drying three-in-one stage

- Apr 23, 2020-

Filtering stage

Separation of product cake and mother liquor. The cake thickness can reach 400mm ~ 500mm.


Washing stage

The filter cake was further purified, and the residual mother liquor was washed and pre-dehydrated. The filter cake and the washing liquid are mixed layer by layer by a lifting stirrer to form a slurry suspension filter cake to obtain full-minute washing.

A. Body material: SUS304 or 316L

B. Sealing ring material: fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, ternary acrylic.

C. Material of bellows: 316L

D: Sealing form: double-end-free bacteria and mechanical seal.

E. Stirring shaft: solid shaft and hollow shaft. The solid shaft is used for stirring without heating. When the stirring blade needs to heat and dry the material, the stirring shaft is a hollow shaft head with a rotary joint to provide access to the heated medium.

F. The stirrer can be straight or S-shaped. With or without a scraper, the material can be heated according to the situation. The stirring blade is formed in the form of a round tube and a triangle, and the inner-cavity can be heated by a heat transfer medium, and then filtered and washed. Plays a major role in the drying process.


Drying stage

The filter cake is dehydrated and dried. While the filter cake is scraped and loosened layer by layer by the agitator, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving stirring leaves simultaneously heat the filter cake, and the moisture content is quickly and rapidly evaporated to achieve the drying effect -Fruits, the evaporation speed is accelerated by the method of vacuum in the equipment, and the evaporated moisture is taken away by adding the treated hot nitrogen and other media, so that the materials are accelerated-dried, and the drying efficiency is increased.