Filtered, washed and dried, three-in-one, excellent sealing performance

- Nov 15, 2018-

Filter Washing and Drying Equipment Unmatched technology provides high quality service to the plastics industry. The equipment is a new design and improvement of the original dry dewatering machine in the chemical industry's need for a fully sealed, high performance, high quality dryer with flow-through operation. The product, the new dehydration and drying machine, greatly reduces downtime, and reduces the number of repairs, providing the highest drying effect. The superior performance of this product saves users a lot of money.


The filter washing and drying equipment has good adaptability to various materials, especially suitable for the processing of difficult-to-filter slurry and flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, and easily polluting materials, integrating filtration, washing and other operations. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical, dye, metallurgical and other industrial sectors.


This machine is designed and developed by our company independently, and put into practical application, filling the domestic blank of this kind of products, replacing imported, and has broad application prospects in the separation of many toxic, harmful and polluting materials. Five typical uses Suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, pesticides; fine chemicals; dyes and pigments chemicals; food industry; chemicals for agricultural products refining; polymers and resin products.


The filter washing and drying device uses centrifugal force to remove the water flowing into the rotor portion through the feed port to quickly remove the water, and the water is discharged through the bottom drain pipe, and the granular material is spirally conveyed to the discharge port through the rotor at a high speed to assist the hot air. It can also generate countercurrent flow with the granular material through the upper part of the dryer. The strong pressure air flow can quickly remove the water vapor. Since the granular material rotates at a high speed in the centrifugal mode, the material will become more and more dry, and the whole drying process takes only a few seconds. The final material is quickly discharged from the discharge port into the packaging machine for automatic packaging.