Filtering washing drying reactor integrated machine three-in-one manufacturers tell you the application of filters in beer production

- Mar 06, 2019-

Filtering washing drying reactor integrated machine three-in-one manufacturers tell you the application of filters in beer production


Bag filter technology specific application

1, process water filtration

The bag filter is used to filter the process water, which can remove particulate impurities and avoid the deterioration of water quality caused by seasonal changes or water pipeline abnormalities, which affects the normal operation of production.


2, deoxidation water filtration

In recent years, low-grade refreshing beer has been favored by consumers, and beer dilution technology has been rapidly promoted. Dilution water should have the same quality characteristics as beer. Most breweries use post-filtration dilution technology (diluted production process after filtration: post-ripening wine-beer filtration-wine-mixed into clearing tank), high-concentration dilution The mixer is installed behind the fine filter unit. Since the beer is not filtered after the dilution water is added, the quality of the dilution water is very high. The dilution water prepared by the above filtration process has a clear and transparent appearance, no suspended matter and sediment, and is directly added into the wine, which is safe and reliable.


3, before the filter before the hardcover

In the actual production of domestic breweries, it is sometimes found that the diatomite filtration opportunity suddenly leaks, resulting in a sudden blockage of the beer fine filter. In order to prevent this from happening and to ensure the economical production, it is recommended to install a cost-effective bag filter in front of the beer fine filter. Domestic beer manufacturers usually call it a bag trap. The filter bag can effectively remove large particles and some sticky impurities, and it can alarm when a diatomaceous earth filter suddenly leaks, which will block the cheap filter bag but protect the relatively expensive filter. core.


4, beer before canning filter

Experienced technicians know that even if the sake in the sake tank is tested, sometimes the beer in the bottle will still have black slag or other suspended matter after being delivered to the packaging workshop. This phenomenon can be reduced by installing a filter with a pore size of 1 micron in front of the filling machine.


5, beer recycling filter

For various reasons, there will be a problem of half bottle of wine or gas leakage after beer filling. The corresponding countermeasures vary from case to case. Open bottle recycling is an economically viable solution. Install a bag filter after pouring the can, which can trap impurities, bottle caps and broken glass, effectively ensuring deep filtration of the filter element behind.

Due to the low cost of the filter bag itself, once the sudden blockage occurs, sacrificing the filter bag to protect the expensive high-precision filter greatly reduces the cost of the factory replacement parts, which is cost-effective. In addition, a special magnetic filter or activated carbon or diatomaceous earth can be installed in the filter bag to remove iron impurities or adsorb organic matter.