Filtration and washing two in one equipment effectively improve the drying rate

- Mar 03, 2020-

Filtration and washing two in one equipment is a multi-functional equipment which can successively complete the mixing, reaction, filtration, washing, desolvation, drying and other processes in a reaction vessel. It has the advantages of simplifying the process, improving the production efficiency, preventing material pollution, steam sterilization, convenient material replacement, mechanical and electrical integration, etc.

The filter washing two in one equipment is equipped with a special structure of hydraulic automatic discharge device under the side of the middle cylinder, so that the filter cake or dry materials can be automatically discharged in a closed manner. The filtered material is added from the top of the equipment, and the material is dried by vacuumizing or pressurizing. For the materials to be washed, the washing liquid can be added after filtering to dry, and then the materials can be washed for many times. After washing and filtering, the materials are heated, stirred and dried under the jacket, hollow shaft, hollow agitator and filter plate, and the finally dried materials of Zui are discharged from the side of the cylinder. When drying, hot air or hot nitrogen can also be introduced under the filter plate to dry the materials, greatly improving the drying rate.

① It can complete filtering, washing, drying and other operations in one machine, and one machine is multi-purpose.

② Airtight operation is especially suitable for handling inflammable, explosive, toxic or highly toxic dangerous products, as well as fresh and delicious food, biological products and drugs that are not allowed to be polluted.

③ From feeding to product discharge, the whole process is completed in one machine, which greatly shortens the process flow, greatly reduces the number of equipment, and greatly saves the investment of plant and equipment, process pipeline, valve, etc.

④ The special mixing structure and the hydraulic lifting device can not only make the mixing device fully mix the materials, but also save the mixing power.

⑤ Because the machine is equipped with bottom plate filter and cylinder filter, the filtering area is 2-3 times of the conventional equipment, greatly reducing the filtering time and improving the filtering efficiency.

⑥ In the washing stage, because the machine repeatedly carries out automatic stirring and re pulp washing, the washing is convenient and the washing effect is good.

⑦ Because the barrel jacket, the lower part of the filter plate or the hollow mixing shaft and the mixing slurry can heat and dry the materials, the drying efficiency is high. It can also dry materials by hot air, greatly reducing the drying time.

⑧ Because it is totally airtight operation, there is no pollution to the materials, so the processed products have high quality and operation environment.

The two in one filtration and washing equipment has good adaptability to all kinds of materials, especially for the treatment of difficult to filter slurry and inflammable, explosive, toxic, volatile and polluting materials. It integrates filtration, washing and drying operations, so it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical, dye and other industrial sectors.