Filtration and washing two-in-one equipment has-efficient improvement-high working drying rate

- Apr 14, 2020-

 ① Various operations such as filtration, washing, and drying can be completed in one machine.

 ② Closed operation, suitable for handling flammable and explosive dangerous products and delicious food and biological products that are not allowed to be contaminated.

 ③ From feeding to product discharge, the process is completed in one machine, which greatly shortens the process flow and greatly reduces the number of equipment, thereby greatly saving the investment in plant and equipment and process pipelines and valves.

 ④ The special-specific mixing structure, coupled with the hydraulic lifting device, not only enables the mixing device to charge-separate high-efficiency mixing of materials, but also saves the mixing power.

 ⑤ Since the machine is equipped with a bottom flat filter and a cylindrical filter, the filtering area is 2-3 backs of conventional equipment, which greatly reduces the filtering time and improves the filtering efficiency.

 ⑥ In the washing stage, because the machine can repeatedly perform automatic stirring and pulp washing repeatedly, the washing is convenient and the washing effect is good.

 ⑦ The material can be heated and dried due to the jacket of the cylinder, the bottom of the filter plate or the hollow stirring shaft, and the stirring slurry. The drying efficiency is high. The material can also be dried by hot air, which greatly shortens the drying time.

 ⑧ Because it is fully enclosed operation, it has no pollution-dyeing to the material, so the processed product has high quality and good operating environment.


Filtering and washing two-in-one equipment has good adaptability to various materials, suitable for difficult-to-filter slurry and flammable, explosive, volatile, and polluting materials. Integrated, so it is the ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in food, chemical, dye and other industrial sectors.