Filtration, washing and drying of three in one use

- Mar 25, 2019-


Filtration stage: separation of the filter cake and mother liquor of the product. The filter cake can be up to 500mm thick.

Washing stage: The filter cake is further purified, the residual mother liquor is washed and dehydrated. The filter cake and the washing liquid were mixed layer by layer by a lifting agitator to form a slurry, and the suspension filter cake was subjected to charge-washing.

Drying stage: Dewatering and drying of the filter cake. While the filter cake is being scraped loosely by the mixer, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving stirring blade heat the filter cake at the same time, and the moisture is quickly evaporated to dryness. The effect-fruit, the evaporation speed is accelerated by the vacuum inside the device, and the evaporated moisture is taken away by adding the treated hot nitrogen medium to accelerate the material to dry, and to improve the drying effect.

Unloading stage: The dry material is automatically discharged from the side discharge port through the reverse rotation of the S-type stirring slurry, and directly enters the package.

The filtering, washing and drying "three-in-one" equipment can simultaneously filter, wash and dry in the same equipment instead of filtering and drying equipment (such as suction filter, pressure filter, double cone dryer, drying oven, etc.). Solid discharge process. Used in chemical, food and other industries, it is a good equipment for filtration and drying. It can realize continuous operation and full-process continuous operation, and is suitable for the production of products without bacteria and the production of du products.