Four measures to improve the dyeing quality of overflow fabric dyeing machines

- Jun 15, 2018-

From the perspective of practical application, the overflow fabric dyeing machine is insensitive to wrinkles of the semi-finished products. After dyeing, the fabric is uniform in color, full and has good hand feeling. In particular, chemical fibers and blended fabrics are processed by an overflow fabric dyeing machine. The fabrics are soft and elastic, and have good hair styling and cotton-like effects. It can be seen that using such a dyeing device helps to improve the dyeing effect of the fabric.


However, in the actual dyeing process, the final effect is often affected by many factors, among which the most critical issue is the leveling of the fabric surface. To further improve the dyeing quality, first of all we need to define the amount of cloth weave on the overflow fabric dyeing machine. Each dyeing apparatus has a maximum nominal capacity, and this nominal capacity is not suitable for any fabric. Therefore, in the production, the actual capacity of the fabric needs to be determined according to the thickness and width of the fabric.


The second thing to notice is the setting of the winch speed and nozzle pressure. This is because during the operation of the overflow fabric dyeing machine, the fabric in the dyeing room is pulled by the capstan and then enters the nozzle. The nozzle is an annular outlet, and the dye liquor is ejected from the gap of the nozzle, and the dye liquor is sprayed on the rope-like fabric by the pressure of the nozzle. In other words, if you want to change the position and speed of the fabric, it depends on the winch speed and the nozzle pressure.


The third point is to pay attention to choose the appropriate bath ratio. In fact, the bath ratio not only affects the color of the fabric, but also affects the fabric's operation in the fabric dyeing machine. If the bath ratio is too small, the fabric is difficult to run and the winch does not smoothly pick up the fabric from the dyeing room. The fabric runs slowly. On the contrary, it may cause fabric dyeing.


One of the last things to notice is the determination of the dyeing process. During the operation of the fabric dyeing machine, it is also necessary to select a suitable dyeing process. For different dyes, the dyestuffs and temperature distribution in the dyeing chamber of the fabric dyeing machine should be evenly distributed, which is beneficial to the leveling of fabrics.