Function and control system of stainless steel multifunctional reaction kettle

- Aug 27, 2018-

As a new type of reaction equipment, the multi-function reactor can be adapted to different operating process requirements, with vacuum, pressurized, hot and cold jackets and a reliable dense structure. Users can take advantage of this versatile multi-function reactor to perform different reaction operations.


In general, stainless steel multi-function reactor can complete the catalytic, polymerization, decomposition, hydrothermal, hydrogenation, supercritical, pharmaceutical, and material dispersion of the material under the process conditions. Due to its ease of use, it has been widely used. The machine is made of standard 316L stainless steel and its control system is very advanced.


In fact, in the control system of the stainless steel multi-function reactor, the stirring speed control and the PID program temperature controller and the two-way communication cable control are realized. For temperature, number of revolutions, working time can be self-tuning calibration, can be equipped with a segmentation program temperature control. Temperature digital display with ultra high temperature protection module. In addition, it has a fault sound and light alarm module, a revolution number control and data display module, and a timed working time mode.