Functions and characteristics of the filter washing drying machine

- Feb 20, 2020-

The integrated filter, washing and drying machine has good adaptability to all kinds of materials, especially for the treatment of difficult to filter slurry and inflammable, explosive, toxic, volatile, pollution and other materials. It integrates filtration, washing and drying operations, so it is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical, dye and other industrial sectors. This machine fills in the domestic blank of this kind of product and replaces the import. It has a wide application prospect in the separation of many poisonous, harmful and polluting materials

The main features of the filter washing dryer are as follows:

One machine with multiple functions integrates the functions of pulp washing, filtering and drying;

• closed operation, especially for toxic, harmful and contaminated materials;

Multi layer metal sintering filter medium has long service life, high filtering precision and good filtering effect, compact structure, saving floor space and convenient installation;

Low energy consumption, no vibration and noise, stable, reliable and safe operation.