How is the development trend of the reactor industry?

- Mar 20, 2019-

At present, the requirements and development trends of chemical reactors for reactors:

1. Large volume, which is an effective way and development trend to increase production, reduce quality error between batch production, and reduce product cost. The reactors for dye production are mostly below 6000L, and other industries have up to 30m3; foreign countries have 20,000 to 40,000L in the dye industry, while other industries can reach 120m3.


2. The stirrer of the reactor has been developed from a single stirrer to a forced loop with a double stirrer or an external pump. In addition to the stirrer, the development trend of the reactor still rotates the kettle body along the horizontal line, thereby increasing the reaction speed.

3, manual automation with continuous automation and continuous replacement, such as the use of program control, can not only ensure stable production, increase product quality, increase - increase income, reduce physical labor, but also eliminate - environmental pollution.

4. Combine the use of heat-energy, select good process operating conditions, strengthen the heat preservation measures, increase the heat transfer efficiency, reduce the heat loss to a low limit, and generate heat-rechargeable heat after the residual heat or reaction. Comprehensive utilization. The application of heat pipe technology will be the development trend of reactors in the future.