In-position cleaning, design and manufacture of belt vacuum dryer

- Oct 18, 2018-

The belt vacuum dryer is very suitable for the extraction of natural products during the process of use, and can be applied when it is used. The belt vacuum dryer can be applied to most natural product extracts, especially for High viscosity, easy to agglomerate, thermoplastic, heat sensitive materials, not suitable or can not be spray dried, belt vacuum dryer is the best choice.


When the belt vacuum dryer is in operation, the concentrated extract can be directly sent to the belt vacuum dryer. It can be dried during operation without adding any auxiliary materials, so that the dosage of the final product can be reduced, so that it can be effectively improved. The grade of the product, the product is in a vacuum, closed environment during the whole drying process, and the drying process is mild (product temperature 40-60 ° C). For natural extract products, it can maintain its color, fragrance and taste to the maximum extent. The final product of quality.


The belt vacuum dryer can perform complete CIP cleaning in place, which makes it very convenient to replace the product, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers and ensuring the quality of the products. The dryer is mainly composed of an openable cover with a double-sided hinge connection, a cylindrical casing, a plurality of lighted mirrors mounted on the casing, a variable speed feed pump, a new non-stick track, and a track adjustable speed. Drive system, vacuum equipment, condenser, lateral swing feeding device, a set of automatic temperature control system, heating plate, collecting and pulverizing device, collecting tank, cleaning device, etc.


The drying capacity and track area of the belt vacuum dryer can be designed and manufactured as needed, and can be achieved by increasing the number of crawler layers in the casing without changing the dryer casing, while only correspondingly Increase the displacement of the vacuum equipment and the capacity of the temperature control unit, and the control system requires almost no changes. Multi-layer low temperature vacuum crawler dryers are more conducive to improving the economics and efficiency of the equipment.


Introduction of the characteristics of the belt vacuum dryer

1. The belt vacuum dryer belt can control the running state and running speed of the zone separately.

2. The feed pump can control its operating state and feed speed separately

3. Cloth motor cloth angle and running speed can be adjusted steplessly

4. The vacuum system adopts multi-stage Roots water ring vacuum pump unit

5. Temperature control adopts regulating valve and digital sensing control technology to ensure constant temperature operation of each section of heating temperature