Industrial food spray dryers maintain material properties

- Jun 27, 2019-

The use of industrial food spray dryers at lower temperatures allows for better retention of the natural properties of the materials. By atomizing the liquid, a large surface area can be formed and the material can be dried more quickly and thoroughly. Dry powders are produced in fewer steps; undried/agglomerated particles are reduced to a greater extent; unnecessary stickiness, moisture is eliminated.


The industrial food spray dryer can dry other materials that are difficult to dry by drying techniques, and the two liquids are reacted and dried by using a four-nozzle system. Drying the material at low temperatures to maintain material properties is particularly helpful in the food industry.


The industrial food spray dryer has uniform powder and small particle size; the droplet median diameter is controlled and adjusted by changing the gas-liquid ratio; two different liquids are mixed and dried using a four-fluid nozzle system. The use of industrial food spray dryers to produce products can bring great benefits to