Introduction of main advantages of agitated vacuum nutsche filter dryer

- Sep 06, 2018-

In a agitated vacuum nutsche filter dryer, it is possible to efficiently filter, clean, agitate, mix and dry different substances, medicines, etc., and minimize contamination and exposure. The design of the machine is reasonable, which not only improves the speed of filtration and drying, but also ensures the quality of the product.


Agitated vacuum nutsche filter dryer mainly uses a closed cylinder, a transmission agitation system, a vacuum system and a hot and cold water circulation system to form the main structure of the vacuum drying mixer. After being filled into the cylinder by the dry stirring material, the vacuum pump is used to vacuum the filter through the filter, so that the working chamber is in a vacuum state, the drying rate of the material is obviously accelerated, and energy is saved.


Agitated vacuum nutsche filter dryer has good air tightness and strength stability, uniform heating, vacuum protection, avoiding oxygen in contact with air during the drying process of the mixture. The entire operation process is convenient, safe and fast. The machine also has a temperature and vacuum display function, and an intelligent temperature controller is used to adjust the temperature rise rate of the water temperature.