Introduction of the support method of the reactor

- Mar 18, 2019-

The support of the reactor is generally two types of brackets and legs, and most users will ignore this problem. In fact, the support method is important for the experimental reactor. This is because a good support method can be used for the placement and use of the overall equipment and the associated equipment. If the experimental reactor is used alone, the support of the leg can be selected. This type of support can be selected without soldering to the console, but it is necessary to ensure that the length of the legs is fixed, the support of different lengths is reduced, and the reactor and other equipment are unstable and affect the operation.


Generally, the support of the bracket is selected, that is, the support type of the bracket is welded on the upper end of the jacket part, which is a suspended support, so that it can be used together with other equipment such as a condenser, a pipeline, a storage tank, etc., and the support of the support of the bracket is required. The operation table and the design of the operation table are made up of a combination of channel steel and round pipe according to the size of the reaction kettle. Other equipments according to the process are also easy to install and operate.