Low temperature continuous vacuum dryer features

- Mar 22, 2019-

1. Continuous feeding and discharging can be realized under vacuum, and the amount of feeding can be freely set as needed.

2. The heating system can take various forms such as steam, hot water and electric heating to heat transfer oil heating.

3. The drying temperature is arbitrarily adjusted from 25 ° C to 80 ° C, and continuous discharge is started from 20 minutes to 60 minutes until the batch is completed.

4. The track is made of Teflon material, which runs smoothly, can be relied on, and has a uniform heating area. The track speed can be adjusted arbitrarily by 2 to 5 layers, which can be determined according to the user's production requirements.

5. A variety of fabric devices are available to accommodate the drying of liquids, extracts, powders and granules.

6. Equipped with an automatic pulverizing system under vacuum conditions, the dry granules can be arbitrarily selected according to the user's requirements.

7. Equipped with CIP in-place cleaning system, automatic cleaning is fast and convenient.

8. The superior-quality vacuum unit is selected and carefully designed to have a continuous large-capacity pumping rate and a stable vacuum.

9. Low energy consumption, no waste, no noise.

10. Meet the GMP requirements.



· The complete process is automated, pipelined, continuous, and programmed.

· The drying process is completed under vacuum and low temperature conditions, and the heat sensitive materials are invariant and have no chance of dyeing bacteria.

· Suitable for the drying of difficult materials.

· Material dryness (water content) is adjustable.

· Energy consumption bills are one-third of the same volume of centrifugal sprayers.

· It adopts PLC touch screen operation control and has continuous protection device.

· The machine is reasonable in design, compact in structure, convenient to install and debug, and suitable for placement under most working conditions.