Method for improving the quality of printing and dyeing cleaning of high temperature dyeing machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

Usually, after the textile is dyed and finished using a high-temperature dyeing machine, it needs to be cleaned to meet the requirements. If the dyeing effect is not good, or there are various odors on the textile, then the main consideration is related to the cleaning in the process.


So, what methods are currently available to improve the quality of dyeing and cleaning of high-temperature dyeing machines? First of all, the water should be cleaned when cleaning the dye. The "clear" here refers to the clean soft water, which can bridge the metal ions adsorbed on the fiber without secondary staining.


Secondly, in the whole process of the process operation, it should be ensured that the process is reasonable and standardized. If the dyeing is not achieved, not only will the cleaning be difficult, the fastness will be lowered, and the color change will occur. Different dyeing and different textiles should be treated with different dyeing conditions, otherwise cleaning will be unclean.


After dyeing the fabric with a high-temperature dyeing machine, a stable and reliable cleaning device should be selected, and a suitable cleaning aid should be selected to avoid affecting the final effect.