Multi-functions filtering, washing,drying what is the influencing factor of the three-in-one manufacturer telling you about the filtration equipment?

- Mar 08, 2019-

Multi-functions filtering, washing,drying what is the influencing factor of the three-in-one manufacturer telling you about the filtration equipment?


China's natural environment is getting worse, the air is getting more and more unclean, and the fog is haunting. The British have seen it. I am sorry to say that London is a fog. The lady who loves beauty stands on the balcony and feels the wind. Just a moment, one The deputy god-given smoky makeup was done.

The country is vigorously tackling the problem of environmental pollution, but the problem of environmental pollution is difficult to return, and it is not a problem that can be solved overnight. Therefore, filtration equipment is extremely important for improving the quality of life and work. So let's talk about the factors that affect the filter.


1, size

Generally, the air filter of a relatively large size is relatively high in price, and the filter size of a generally large filter is relatively wide, and some filters that are required for home use are relatively small in size.


2, fluid characteristics

The combination of membrane and sulfur, the contact time will have a great influence on the filtration effect. In addition, it is closely related to the type of particles, which are classified into non-deformable particles and variability particles. Some changes will occur in certain pressure conditions. It is related to the type of filter membrane. The pore size and structure of the different filter membranes are also different. Some of the structural membranes of the filter membrane are rigid and can be moved.


3. The technology used in the filter

Different filter brands use different production techniques when producing filters. The cost of using more advanced filters is higher, so the price specified by the merchants when selling is relatively high.

Generally, the higher the manufacturing cost, the higher the price, and of course there are many uncertain factors affecting the price, which will not be described in detail here.