Operational agitated nutsche filter dryer with washing

- Jun 05, 2019-

The filter washing and drying machine is a good equipment for filtering and drying when it is operated. It can be completely closed and whole process of continuous operation during operation. It is more suitable for the production of aseptic products and toxic products. It can replace the filtration together. And drying equipment (pumping filter, pressure filter, double cone dryer, drying oven, etc.), is widely used in medicine, chemical, pesticide, food and other operations, equipment, a single batch of materials can be filtered and washed in the equipment, Drying and other processes can be used to avoid contamination problems in the process of different process handling; full process automatic control, humanized and easy-to-operate program combined with operational training programs, to reduce operating costs and economic benefits for customers.

Agitated nutsche filter dryer with washing

1. Filtration stage: the difference between the filter cake and the mother liquor of the product. The filter cake can be up to 500mm thick.

2. Washing stage: the filter cake is further purified, the residual mother liquor is washed and dehydrated. The filter cake and the washing liquid are mixed layer by layer through a lift mixer, and after all, constitute a slurry, and the suspension filter cake is sufficiently washed.

3. Drying stage: dehydration and drying treatment of filter cake. The filter cake is scraped loosely by the mixer, the side wall of the equipment, the bottom of the filter plate, and the moving mixing leaves together heat the filter cake, and the wet portion is transpiration to reach the drying effect, and the transpiration speed is accelerated by the vacuum inside the device. After taking the treated hot nitrogen and other medium to take away the transpiration moisture, the material is accelerated to dry and travel drying. Unloading stage: The dry material is discharged from the side discharge port by the reverse rotation of the S-type mixing slurry, and directly enters the package. www.srchemicalequipment.com