Precautions during the use of the Filtering Washing Two In One Equipment

- Sep 05, 2020-

1. For two-in-one equipment with explosion-proof requirements, replacement process operations are required before feeding. First vacuumize the two-in-one tank, then add nitrogen to the tank, and vent through the vent when the pressure reaches the set value. Repeat the above steps until the detected oxygen content in the tank meets the process requirements.

2. If the discharge valve is operated manually, the safety-total interlock design cannot be carried out. The operator should strictly follow the operation procedure to avoid dangerous operations under pressure.

3. In the vacuum drying process, in order to maintain the balance of the pressure difference between the upper and lower sides of the filter medium, a vacuum valve and a balance valve are required in the vacuum process pipeline. When the vacuum valve and balance valve use pneumatic or electric valves, the electrical control program should be designed with safety-total interlocking. Only when the balance valve is opened to the position and the program receives the feedback signal, then the vacuum valve is opened. -Position and close the balance valve after the program receives the feedback signal.