Principle and applicable materials of airflow spray dryer

- Oct 18, 2019-

Airflow spray dryer Principle

Compressed air or water vapor is ejected from the nozzle at a speed of ≥300 m/s, and the liquid material is separated into fine droplets by the frictional force generated by the difference in speed between the gas and the liquid. The droplets are in full contact with hot air and exchange heat, and the entire drying process is completed quickly within 10-30 seconds.


Applicable materials for airflow spray dryer


Chemical industry: white carbon black, barium sulfate, detergent, CR auxiliary, latex, water purifying agent, resin, basic chromium sulfate, alumina, titanium oxide, kaolin, ferrite, talc, carbide, fertilizer, Corrosive acid, dyes, concrete admixtures, plastics, cryolite, etc.

Food industry: Dextrin, maltose, protein powder, egg yolk powder, oligosaccharides, granular oils, instant coffee, starch, spices, fruit and vegetable granules

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese and Western medicine powder, antibiotics, biochemical products, vitamins, pesticide powder, hydrolyzed protein, enzyme, single cell protein.

Dairy industry: skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, soy milk powder, ice cream powder, creamer powder, sodium citrate, etc.

Environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization, papermaking black liquor and pharmaceutical waste treatment

Building materials industry: ceramic billets, glazes, ultrafine powders, etc.

Other: fishmeal waste, feed